NanoStudio 2 Specifications


  • Any iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone or iPod running iOS 11.x or later
  • Hosts Audio Unit (AUv3) instruments, audio effects and MIDI effects
  • Ableton Link, including Start/Stop Sync support
  • External USB audio/MIDI hardware, including multi-channel audio devices

Song arrangement and editing

  • Arbitrary track grouping/nesting, track lanes and no limit on the number of tracks
  • Tempo and time signature tracks, with ability to ramp tempo
  • Comprehensive song, MIDI and automation editors all with full undo/redo
  • Real-time note, controller and automation recording with optional real-time quantize
  • Editing functions include delete, split, join, duplicate, draw, transpose, clean and quantize
  • MIDI file import/export of selection (file types 0 and 1) with full support for tempo/time signature tracks
  • Event timing typically within 4 samples

Mixer and effects

  • Arbitrary track grouping/nesting and no limit on the number of tracks
  • Every track has an audio and MIDI effect insert chain with no limit on the number of effects
  • Effect chains support Audio Unit (AUv3) audio and MIDI effects
  • Add send/return connections between tracks for both audio and MIDI
  • All channels, sends and effects are fully latency compensated (eg. for lookahead limiters) so everything stays in phase
  • Automation of track/send volume/pan and effect parameters with MIDI learn
  • Effects include algorithmic reverb, sidechain compressor/expander, look-ahead limiter, EQ with spectrum analysis, delay, waveshaper, exciter, chorus, flanger and phaser
  • Offline mixdown up to 32 bit @ 96kHz with options for exporting track stems and song regions to wav, aiff, ogg or M4A (lossy or lossless)

Sampling and sample editing

  • Record your own samples using internal mic or external device - multiple audio hardware channels supported
  • Song can be monitored as you record
  • Efficiently edit samples up to 2 hours long
  • Editing functions include volume fades, trim, reverse, DC offset remove, copy, paste and duplicate with full undo/redo
  • Snap to grid based upon sample, song or manually entered tempo
  • Editing of sample sustain loop
  • Supported file formats: mono/stereo wav, aiff, ogg, m4a (lossy and lossless), mp3 (save to mp3 not possible)

Obsidian (synth)

  • 3 oscillator 32 note polyphonic synth with stereo voices
  • Each oscillator can use 7 different types of synthesis: Analogue, Wavetable, Phase Distortion, FM, Multi-Saw, Shaped Noise or Multisampled Zones
  • 18 filter types including resonant analogue, clean digital, comb and formant
  • An innovative spectral loop mode for samples
  • Configurable modulation provided by 5 envelopes, 5 LFOs and 10 macro controllers
  • Effects chain with a reverb, delay and chorus/flanger/phaser
  • 300+ Factory patches

Slate (advanced drum sampler)

  • 32 pads with 4 internal effects busses and a final master output bus with limiter
  • Each pad can use up to 3 split or layered samples and has its own filter, waveshaper, envelopes and voice grouping options
  • 500+ factory samples ranging from multisampled acoustic drums through to cutting-edge electronic percussion and effects, arranged into 50 kits

AU instrument

  • Allows you to host an Audio Unit instrument just like an internal instrument
  • Full browsing/search of all Audio Unit factory patches
  • Acts as a central librarian for all your Audio Unit user patches, with tag attributes and text search
  • Supports automation, including real-time recording

External MIDI instrument

  • Allows you to send track MIDI to an external hardware or software MIDI instrument
  • Supports automation, including real-time recording
  • MIDI clock and start/stop events may be sent to external devices, with NS2 acting as the master clock

Sharing and integration

  • iOS Files app
  • Dropbox
  • AudioShare
  • iTunes File Sharing
  • Email
  • Import songs from your iTunes music library
  • WebDAV server for full control and backup of your files from a desktop computer

Supported 3rd party hardware/software

  • Ableton Link supported, including Start/Stop Sync
  • Hosts Audio Unit (AUv3) instruments, audio effects and MIDI effects
  • External hardware audio/MIDI devices with multiple audio I/O channels