Zvon Kits for Slate Winter Sale - Last Week!!

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Hi everyone,

My Winter Sale 2019 has begun! The Memory Collection packs and many other samples sets are 50% off.

More specific to NS2 are the 3 following sets:
Sidekick electronic Percussions, $1.99 USD (reg. $2.99) or all formats $3.99 (reg. $5.99)
Out There - acoustic jawharp and electronic percussions, $1.99 USD (50% off)
Kids Kits - children vocal samples, $1.99 USD (reg. $2.99)

I have posted more examples of these kits and also free kits on this forum. They can easily be found with the search function.

Sale is also available on Sampleism.


  • Zvon's kits are great. Take advantage of this great sale!

  • Hi anickt,

    Thanks for recommending my sounds!

    Here's the first Official (Parody) video ad for Memory Collection 04 and 09 - Christmas / Winter Holidays.

    All the sounds are from Memory Collection 04 and 09 - Christmas / Winter Holidays except for the 2 voices saying "Memory Collection 09" and "Sounds from Christmas past" that were generated with the "Speak" text-to-speech app. Track was made in NanoStudio 2 using Slate.

    All the images are screenshots from ads, TV shows or movies featured in Memory Collection packs 04 and 09. The image quality of the source videos is often poor.

    NOTE : MC packs contain only wave files, they are not mapped in Slate kits like the sample sets mentionned in the first post.

  • Sale will end on January 13th, only 1 week left!

    Out There video:

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