Smile kit for Slate - Memory Collection 10 demo

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Memory Collection 10 will be released next week and this is its first official demo. It has over 5000 one-shot samples from a varied collection of PD videos: 4 movies (3 horror/Sci-Fi and 1 monster movie), 19 TV show episodes including 13 from 1950's Sci-Fi shows, 11 documentaries including 4 on the subject of sound recording and 70 ads.

I created this free kit by slicing 4 longer samples, one from a beer ad (4 slices), one from a toothpaste ad (7 slices), one car ad (7 slices) and a short film about bowling (8 slices). The 4 longer samples are mapped on pads 29 to 32. There 2 other samples too.

I created a short sequence and archived the track, it can be downloaded here:

The archive contains the samples in a kit and the sequence. It should download directly to your iPad.

Here's a mp3 of the sequence:

Screenshot of the sequence:

Note that all the Memory Collection packs contain one-shot samples, they are not mapped for NanoStudio 2 nor any other app/software


  • MC 10 has just been released!
    Regular price will be $30 but it is currently 50% off as are all the Memory Collection packs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of MC 01.

    I made this demo video. I used to make my demos on my computer but now I tend to make them with NS2:

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    Doug from The Sound Test Room just made a nice video showing off MC 10 and Slate:

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    Those are very different type of kits that usual instrumental stuff ;) , thank you for doing this, it's quite rare but very handy :+1:

  • Hi Dendy,

    Thanks for your comment, I am glad you're enjoying them!
    When I make demos, I tend to use only Memory Collection samples in order to keep the focus on them. But I like that in his video, Doug used the samples in a more "conventional" track showing that even 1 or 2 samples can add a lot to a track.

    While the free demo kits I created are ready to use and a lot of fun, with the full packs users can create their own personalized kits up to literally hundreds (thousands) of kits!

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    Official (fun) video ad for Memory Collection 10 !

    Having so many ads in MC 10 gave me the idea to create an official ad for it.
    All the samples in this video are from one of the 70 ads in it.

    In some, I replaced the name of the advertised product with "Memory Collection", "Memory Collection 10" and "Sounds from the past" generated by the "Speak" text-to-speech app.

    All images are screenshots from ads or TV shows featured in MC 10 (except for the cover art).

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