Sidekick Electronic Percussion released (Kits for Slate) - video added

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I am happy to announce that I released a Nanostudio 2 edition of the Sidekick Electronic Percussion!

The Sidekick Electronic Percussion is a great add-on to any acoustic or electronic drums/percussions kits. Even though it features some kick drums, snares and toms, the bulk of this set is made of original and unique percussive sounds and FX. All were created with various softsynths and the velocity layers correspond to the original synth programming.

As I don't want to make a long post, please read the PDF doc for more info.

It can be bought for $2.99 USD or bundled with the regular version for $ 5.99 USD.
A demo kit of 32 pads (65 samples) can be installed from here:

Here's an audio example Sidekick Montage, it was made with the regular version but similar results can be achieved with the NS2 edition.

Visit its page for orders and more info:


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    @zvon Really great pack !! Bought it, definitely a lot of usable sounds for my music !!

    Just one criticism - it's ridiculously cheap for number of kits and samples inside :lol: It should be priced at least twice as much, if not more !

  • @dendy Thanks for your support and comment :)
    Glad that you enjoy the sounds... and thanks for the criticism too!!

  • Thanks @zvon, I like it a lot!

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    @number37, You're welcome!

    Just made a demo video and mini tutorial about the velocity layers. It ends with a complex pattern. Skip to 4 min 03 sec. if you only want to listen to the pattern. There's more info in the video description.

  • Purchased. Suggest everyone do the same. Nice job! Thanks

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    @anickt said:
    Purchased. Suggest everyone do the same. Nice job! Thanks

    B) and thanks for recommending it!

    For those who may find it more convenient, the all formats bundle (that includes the NS2 edition) is also available on Sampleism for £4.99.

  • A new review came in this week on Sampleism, it got 4 stars and the following comment:

    "Definitely will require some time to explore the full capabilities of these as velocity layers. Sold me on how this is cross platform between Soundfont, Kontakt and Nanostudio. As with all Zvon's sounds, quality is excellent and price is affordable."

    NOTE: even if the NS2 version has velocity layers, it has less layers and less samples than the Kontakt and soundfont versions. and it can be bought separately for those only wanting the NanoStudio 2 format (Slate kits). See first post for more info.

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