Not being able to restore purchases on new Ipad Pro (2024)

I got my new iPad pro 13-inch M4 (2024), OS version 17.5. I installed Nanostudio 2 v2.1.2 and want to restore my purchases. Years ago I purchased all the packs. I can see them in my purchase history. So I know it is on the correct apple ID.

It is really unstable. Some packs will install ok. Some will not without any message. Some will not and I get the error 'The operation couldn't be completed (SKErrorDomain error 2.)

I did remove NS and installed it again. The same problem occurs again, only the packs that will install and the ones with the errors are not the same. It seems completely random.

I tried it withe the install button per pack and tried it with the 'restore purchases' button. Both give the same result.

As a final try I resinstalled NS and used the 'purchase' button per pack. It says 'You've already purchased this. Would you like to get it again for free'. After yes.... the messge 'you will be notified when the download is complete'. Some packs install, some packs not, no message, nothing. Also here, completely random.

Any suggestions?


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