Reviving old projects

Since I have new equipment, I came across my old iPad with NS1. I tried to open it and turns out it's not supported with the new ios update. I tried to find numerous ways to pull some old projects out and still no luck. I really need some help :(


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    As a 32 bit app, NS1 can only run on devices with iOS 10 or earlier. Sorry, but there's no way around that. However, if you have an windows PC or old Mac, you can download it and try to run it there.

    I was unsuccessful running NS1 on MacBook Pro with macOS Monterey. Same problem, no 32-bit app support. According to this page, macOS version below High Sierra (10.13) is required.

    I have an old Windows 7 PC. It runs there.

  • Sounds like you updated your old iPad to iOS 11 or later, is that correct? I don’t think you can undo that and return to an older iOS, but I have not researched that thoroughly. I would look into it if I were you. NS1 will not run on newer iOS (11 and higher).

    To get your old projects you can follow the method used in this thread:

    It might also be possible to use other apps like iMazing to get the files. Once you get the .nsp files you can download the free PC version of Nanostudio (link in thread) and open your .nsp files in that. From there export stems and/or MIDI files and bring them into NS2 and you can reconstruct your old project. One cool time-saving tip is that the .trg files (I think that’s what they were called) will open as Slate kits. Resampling stuff into TRG kits and exporting .trg files can help in recreating a project in NS2. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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