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Is there a way to make dub wobbles from scratch in NS2?


  • Yes. It isn’t my forte, but have you looked at some of the existing IAP patches like CallDatMassive, DarkSyn, or MetalWub? Maybe deconstruct those for some tips?

  • I was looking for a way to make wobble bass using the default patch, maybe looking at the configurations on the pre-sets will help! thanks!

  • The IAP patch DubBuzzed is interesting - it uses samples and then modulates the sound with filter and level for a wobble effect. Generate/find some samples and swap them out and you could makes a lot of variations. Same with DubHardGnarl. DubWub has a classic dub sound, but it has 2 oscs of FM and one Nanosaw. I can’t get my head around FM, but just tweaking some parameters can be an interesting way to find new variations.

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    what options for resonance do we have in NS2?

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    EQ-3B & Stereo Filter offer some control over resonance, or AUv3 FX

  • Where are those lol

  • https://www.blipinteractive.co.uk/nanostudio2/user-manual/Effects.html

    Access from the Mixer by tapping Audio FX
    Other FX available from within Obsidian or Slate

  • How do I switch out samples?

  • Interesting… not sure what to do with it

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    Wobble rate is a lifesaver lol

    I’m having a lot of fun in the oscillators too

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    How do you turn glide mode on?
    How do you duplicate tracks?

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    Working on a dubstep project right now

  • One last question - how do I upload files from the files app?

  • In OSC, select VOICE, then use the arrowa under Ployphony to choose Glide, or Mono, or various amounts of Polyphony.

    To Duplicate a track, select desired track and press Duplicate at bottom.

    Uploading files is a bit more involved so I recommend reading the manual


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    I meant how do you duplicate an instrument…

    Thanks for the tip on gliding!!!! It’s one of my favorite features in nanostudio!!

    Also, does NS2 “respond” to NS1?

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    I think I would just use “save as” most of the time, but you can also select “copy”

  • how do you make a "Yai" sound???

  • I’m not sure. To make it from scratch as a pure synth preset probably is possible, but I haven’t tried it. If it were me I would first try to get a sample online. Then in Obsidian tweak the sound a bit to the desired degree. You could even use your voice as a sample.

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