4 new Slate kits from Zvon

Sounds from my Patreon reward pack 10, November 2021
This pack includes 4 different collections. In addition to the wav files, it has 34 instruments and 1 multi for Native Instruments Kontakt, 9 sfz definition files and 4 NanoStudio 2 Slate kits (note that not all the samples are in the kits).

1 - Black Swan bell: small handbell recorded and processed through a Nintendo DSi, guaranteed glitch and LoFi!
2 - Cheap Bells: Two handbells bought at a dollar store for the Holidays. Contrary to the Black Swan bell, it's the bells that are cheap not the recordings.?
3 - Honks: Samples made with 2 different vehicle horns, also contains some Kontakt 3 mappings and processing including random pitch variations and 4 melodic Honks. 22 samples (1.15 MB)
4 - Spindle Chair: Collection of samples made by hitting the spindles of a wooden chair with a drum stick. Was recorded simultaneously in stereo and mono with 2 different recorders.

Total of 170 samples (21.7 MB)

Like my other monthly reward packs, it is exclusively available to those who support me on Patreon. For now, when becoming my patron, you will also get the previous months rewards but this may change in the future.

Only unprocessed samples from the pack are used in the video!

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