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Sorry if this has already come up (dang there’s a million threads here) but one thing I’m missing while trying to adopt NS2 is the ability to sync to another MIDI clock, or to use the NS2 play button to start other apps, or basic send/receive sync (start/stop). This is something needed to sync/trigger with Patterning2 or other drum apps, and is something Xequence does really well. I could use Xequence and NS2 together, but I can’t see any way to make them sync or control each other. WIST doesn’t seem to work either. If there’s a way to do this kind of thing, pls let me know!


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    NS2 currently supports for syncing just Ableton Link. Does Xequence support Link ?

    If not, then i heard there is some app which supports link and enables sync with other MIDI-only apps - but doesn't remember name.

  • 'midi link sync'

  • Thanks for the help - Xequence does have Link and I can send and sync tempo data but not start/stop on the transport which is key for this to work. Looks like start/stop is a new Link v3 thing?


    I did snag the midi link sync app (a steal at 99 cents- thanks!) but the issue is still start/stop functionality.

    I know audio tracks are coming, and I would use them to record the outputs of synchronized arpeggiator-based apps, Patterning2, etc... and all the others that are non AUV3. And in that event, we still need a way to generate the start/stop signal into those apps (Patterning2 requires that you blast it a CC message to trigger its start/stop button and Xequence will do that). Still sorting through this stuff but enjoying learning NS2 as well.

  • yes start-stop is v3 thing .. i'm pretty sure at some point it will be updated in NS2, althought any ETA for now .. patience is the key, an till then keep enjoying learning and eventualy post some tunes or experiments to nanostudio songs thread :)

  • I just wanted to clear a few things up with regards to syncing Nanostudio 2. I use Reason and would like to at least sync start/stop, or preferably have full midi clock sync with transport.

    Reason supports Ableton Link, and when I enable it in both Reason and Nanostudio I get a message in Nanostudio that one device is connected. Reason also shows one device connected and has its “send clock” option enabled. However, pressing play on either device has no effect on the other. Is this because I’m not actually using Ableton Live? Or should Reason be able to use Link to sync with Nanostudio? If the former, is there any option to sync unless using Ableton Live? If the latter, why isn’t it working?

    Finally, I tried installing Midimittr (virtual midi ports over USB/Bluetooth between Mac and iOS). Reason is set to send the midi clock through the virtual port, it’s connected successfully between the Mac and iPad, and Nanostudio can see the virtual Midimittr device as a MIDI port. But again, Nanostudio does not sync to Reason. Is this because Nanostudio doesn’t support MIDI sync?

  • Only the latest (v3) version of Link will transmit start/stop signals. Link was originally only for syncing clocks.

  • @toneman said:
    Only the latest (v3) version of Link will transmit start/stop signals. Link was originally only for syncing clocks.

    So is the issue that Reason isn’t sending Link v3 start/stop signals, or that NS isn’t listening for them? Or both?

  • IDK - Reaper has a robust user forum so you can probably find out there, and dendy above said it would be updated in NS2 at some point. But I also need for NS2 to be able to generate MMC start/stop as well so I can trigger my iMS-20 app’s analog style sequencer.

  • Sorry to dig this up again but I want to make sure I’m not missing something. Is it currently possible to sync NS2 with a desktop DAW in any way at all?

  • With ableton link you can sync the clocks, but (right now) you can’t send/receive a start or stop signal. Link was originally designed so that multiple users could jam together with their clocks sync-ed. It looks like Link v3 has included start/stop so maybe with time this will get added too. But there is also “MIDI start/stop” (which is MIDI Machine Control or MMC) and there is also MIDI Time Code (MTC) for chasing timecode, so several options are available. I like Auria Pro because it has robust MMC and MTC options, but I love NS2 for the interface and workflow (I wonder if Matt is a UX designer too?) so I am content on waiting for future updates :)

  • N2 is older Link technology. When you enable the new version in an app it gives a new switch for transport on/off.

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