Feature Request: Slate Mixer

Low priority suggestion: it would be great to have a mixer view in Slate, to make it easier to adjust the individual pad levels and panning. Being able to see them all at once, with metering would be very handy.

Alternatively, the mixer channel for a slate pad could be expanded / collapsed to show all the pads. But I feel like that might become overwhelming somehow.


  • Yes, good'un. This was discussed during the beta and I think it made it "on the list" but God knows the stacking order at this point!

    Something where the pad area was taken over with knobs like the Instrument Dropdown's Volume view would be very handy indeed.

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    Just sort of replicating the mixer as a page within the Slate interface would be good IMO. It could scroll. Minimal redesign. Anyhoo .. t’would be cool maybe some day.

    Oooh. And mute / solo buttons too, pretty please.

  • I'll be up for any version Matt dreams up, no doubt. I think the reason I'm fond of using the same pad layout + volume knobs is that the correlation between volume controls and pads would always be immediately obvious.

    My mind imagines it to be something like the MUTE mode in the lower left. "I want these pads to be quieter". Tap that MIX button, eyes still basically on those pads, adjust those knobs, tap that button again to get out of mixer mode, resume banging out sub-par beats (in my world anyway).

  • Yeh, that is a good layout, but I was kind of thinking meters would be good and they’d have to be pretty tiny. But, then again meters aren’t that critical.

    Ah well, I agree, Matt will nail it if it does make it in some day.

  • pads could ‘become’ VU meters in certain modes right? Can’t remember where but seen this in a pad sampler somewhere? A mode where the pads are VU’s themselves. In this mode just tap pad and slide up/down to change level..

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