AudioKit AUv3 issue

First of all thanks for creating NanoStudio 2. It is truly an amazing creative environment and I really appreciate cleanliness of the UI and still all these functions and options it offers.
Unfortunately I am experiencing some troubles with AudioKit AUv3’s. The question is if it is just plugin related or perhaps something that can be improved on the side of NS2?
After opening a project with AudioKit FM Player 2, sometimes it does not load (never ending loading message), and also this message started to appear

It is also not possible to load more than one instance of FM Player (second one does not load).

And with the other AudioKit AUv3:
D1 - silent notes. Despite them being inputted in the sequencer, notes are not always triggering. Approximately 10-20% are silent.
808 - only occasionally loads, mostly never ending “loading audio unit” message appears

Running NS2 on iPad mini 5th Gen and iOS 13.

Thanks for your work.


  • iOS 14 seems to have solved Bass 808’s loading issues, but otherwise it is unfortunately a long standing problem that Audiokit and NS don’t mix well. There have been attempts to solve it, but I don’t know whose court the ball is right now, usually NS has not been the only app to have issues with them.

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