Two new free Slate kits

The Memory Collection samples are very well suited to be further chopped to create new samples and kits made with a single sample. This can be done manually and Slate's audio editor is a great tool fo it. But automatic slicing apps can be a great help by doing it faster and giving some unexpected results.

I have taken 2 samples from Memory Collection 08 - Horror Comedies, sliced them with ReSlice and exported the slices as individual wav files a single zip.

I have then imported them in NanoStudio 2 to create two Slate kits. The first one has 16 samples (slices) but I have duplicated them in pads 17 to 32 with different pitch settings to create variety. The second kit has 9 samples.

They are named "Glitchy Phone" and "Doing Here" and they can be downloaded from my Free Sounds page:

I made this simple presentation video:


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