IYTTIW modified trumpet sample set is now free!

Hi everyone,

Made with resynthesized short original trumpet samples. It was originally a commercial set and had been unavailable for a while. I am releasing it now for free. It contains 41 multi-sampled programs without velocity layers that are common to all formats. All are short sounds, no pads here. It's very well-suited for staccato playing and sequencing.

Available in wav, sfz, soundfont and Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 formats. More info and download here:

Anyone wanting to give a shot at making an Obsidian version is more than welcome, I could host it and add it to the download.

Here's a collage of 4 audio examples that are a few years old. Note that the 3rd one is using pitch randomization and the 4th one features a sound specific to the Kontakt version!

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