Free Memory Collection 10th Anniversary sample pack

The Memory Collection 10th Anniversary pack is available for free to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first MC pack. It contains all new samples that are not part of the previous MC packs!

The pack contains 718 wav files (300 MB) that are categorized in folders for easier reference.
NOTE that they are not mapped in any way and there are no Slate kits in the download, you have to import and mapped them in NS2 yourself.

The samples in this collection are taken from 1 Sci-Fi movie, 1 TV sitcom episode, 1 documentary about radar (1955), 3 Public Service Announcements and 8 TV ads that are now in the Public Domain.

They include voice/spoken word/dialogs, sfx and music. Many of them can be further divided so you can have some fun yourself ;-)

Like my 3 previous free Memory Collection packs, it is available exclusively from Sampleism:

Visit this page for more info about the Memory Collection packs:

Browsing through some of the samples:

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