Mini MC 01 - free Slate kit

As you may have seen, this November marks the 10th anniversary of the first Memory Collection pack. It had only 317 samples and here's how it started, the first Mini kit I made.

Like the other mini MC kits I released on this forum, it's not a drums or percussion kit, the sounds are of various types: spoken word/dialogs, sfx/foley and music simply mapped in a Slate kit (29 samples). All the pads are in "One-shot" mode, the samples play for their entire length. Some samples are a bit long, so try "Sustain" mode to have them play only as long as the pad is pressed or the length of the note in the part. Also don't hesitate to edit the samples or experiment with the various settings offered by the pad, like level, pan, tuning, envelopes, etc.

You can download the zip to your computer, extract it and then use WebDAV to move the kit to Nanostudio 2. Or click on the link from your iPad, it will download it and then offer you the choice to open it with Nanostudio that will install it.

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