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  • Ah! Ok. I’ll try that, thanks! Might take me a while, though.
  • Ok, but how many samples can I load simultaneously? I have all 76 keys sampled, I think. Can all 76 load into Obsidian?
  • Ah, ok. That might be possible. I’m not sure how that would work in codeland, though.
  • Can we construct instruments in Obsidian like we can in SunVox? I have a piano in SunVox that I sampled from a friend’s Blüthner. It was a bit out of tune when I recorded the samples, but it has a nice character. I’d be happy to turn it into a full instrument for download in NS2, but I’m not sure how to fit multiple…
  • Not sure about this, but I think it’s difficult to just take an existing algorithm and then “tweak” it to make it better over time. The base values affect all subsequent values in some algorithms, so any tweaks in the chain could send the other values off the edge. But I’m not a mathematician, so I might not have this…
  • Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion...even if it’s wrong. 😏
  • Yes, that’s a good point of view. Always better to be safe, rather than sorry.
  • If you sampled the Mellotron, you own the copyright, if I understand it correctly. As long as you didn’t take the samples from the Mellotron “disk” itself. The recording equipment, technique, etc. of the samples is yours. That’s how I understand it, anyway. You probably want to verify with an actual copyright expert,…
  • Sorry! I only noticed it because it happens to me, too! 😅
  • Great song. The first 45 seconds reminded me of a Pink Floyd tune. About the only thing I noticed in your mix is something I notice often in my own: the snare is stereo, and the compression gives it a sort of digital “bit-glare.” The sounds that carries through the sides of the mix is a little bit “pixelated” if you know…
  • There’s just no way to get the full sound of the Moog apps from Obsidian. Obsidian isn’t a Moog emulator. It’s like tofu. It’s a base upon which to build a tasty sound. Moog Model D and Model 15 are meant to emulate those specific analog machines. That said, Obsidian can get almost close enough to fool you in a mix, and it…
  • Aw, nuts. Pots and pans over Steinway chords is half of my preset collection. ☹️
  • @Nyanko nice track! Love the thick bass sound in the middle, and the way you kept the stereo width of the arp synth just loud enough to be heard at the outside edges of the song. The change at the end was very good, as well.
  • I’m just plunging my fingers into Obsidian’s bottomless paint bucket and smearing colors all over my walls, furniture, and self. Then I stop for a minute to see what it looks like. I didn’t know sticks were available.
  • @Stiksi yeah, the provided samples for that remix were all drums/percussion. I started making Obsidian patches, adding some other samples, and pretty soon I was sewing several different bits together into a Eurotrash Frankenstein’s jukebox. What can I say? I love what i do. 😂 @nkdvkng very smooth beat. Reminds me of…
  • @3sleeves this music is exactly how I feel every time I watch King of the Hill. 😀 That was a funny show. Great job!
  • @Will that is wild! The random artifact that “float” through the background are really neat! And the echo on the hat/snare breaks is truely dub. Well done, sir.
  • @drez nice strings! Really full-sounding. And the wave pad at the beginning is a great sound. Thumbs up!
  • If the ability to add sigs is implemented, mine will be nothing but links to Anne Geddes “babies as random objects” pictures. I hope you will all enjoy that.
  • Here is a Slate Kit. It’s the one with a some Monotron samples and other random stuff. It’s kind of a fun kit, especially if you like the Monotron noise. Those machines are fun, but line out noise is part of their character. You either find it charming or...not charming....…
  • Mmmm...nope. Not from where I’m sitting.
  • This is another remix. Something really cool about Nanostudio2: if you have iMaschine2, you can export a project for Maschine, send it to NS2, and have all of the samples in the files folder. Great way to get your samples into NS2 quickly (obviously, the samples aren’t all pre-assigned to Slate pads, as that would require…
  • Exactly. Sorry for the confusion. I looked back and saw that I said synthesis. I’m not going to edit it, just so that the conversation flow stays intact.
  • Yeah, your way is the easiest. I was just thinking that FM gives an interesting randomization to the modulation that can be “tuned” to give different accents in the modulation. But to get what is heard in the video, FM isn’t needed. I brought it up only as a way to differentiate the sound for @nkdvkng, in case he wanted to…
  • I bet if he throws on some FM synthesis, in addition to doing what you said, he could get some even more interesting modfx. Wouldn’t be exactly the same as the video, though.
  • Here are 7 presets I’ve made: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xjqnvz3dmy3eopt/AABrs_jaaXjK-eUDhZ16n2Nha?dl=0
  • @dendy I’m going to make a video for this song that is nothing but sunshine, rainbows, unicorns, etc. 😄 I really wasn’t going for anything dark, but the sounds do have an edge to them. The bass I named GiantBat, and the lead is BendyVoice. They have, um....character to them? 🤔 😅
  • This is something I did as a personal challenge: make as full-sounding a track as possible out of only one drum, one bass, and one lead sound. So, this is one Slate and 2 Obsidian tracks. Warning, it’s not a pretty track. It’s very strange. I was trying to get the most varied sound I could and I didn’t use samples in the…
  • @Cray23 that’s like a Man, or Astro Man? track if they did electronica instead of surf. I love it! @LeeB you have some of the cleanest-sounding tracks I’ve heard, so far. Great finishing sound. @Stiksi someday I’ll have to learn how to do buildups like you.
  • That’s pretty cool! There are a lot of different ways to get an interesting mix. I like the sound of yours.