Any news? It’s been a while;)

@Blip Interactive hello there, don’t want to disturb in any way but just wondering if something is happening to Nano in future or at all? Since there is bit of silence around here. It could perhaps spark more interest maybe. In anyway I’m not pushing so no worries, ns2 is amazing 🤩
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  • I wonder if he forgot his password to this forum?

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    @9ine6ix :DDD lol 😂

  • Na looks like it's headed in the same direction as the first Nanostudio.... I wanna pump this app so bad but with failure to deliver on promises I'm about done with it I have 20 people that have bought the app because of me that I have to hear complaining about no audio tracks after they was promised to be add by the end of 2019.... I'm just gonna stick to big name developers from here on out they have the money, and teams available to deliver on what we need.... I really hate it because this app is the Logic Pro of the iPad and could be number 1 if the audio tracks were present. This app has the only true "computer daw" work flow and honestly the audio tracks would've been a better addition than an iPhone version.... Beatmaker 3 has great success and it's iPad only.... Cubasis didn't offer an iPhone version until Cubasis 3 and Auria still doesn't offer one.... I think audio tracks should have been a priority over the phone because in all honesty the iPad is more important than the phone when it comes to music making. It's more powerful therefore more capable.

  • @Blip Interactive

    Are you still with us..


  • 2020 was a rough year and the pandemic isn’t over. A lot of people have had their lives up-ended and become home school teachers or primary care givers to sick family. I have spent a great deal of time shopping for elderly family members and I had to drop most of my goals for 2020. My personal income went from little to none. My ‘First World’ desires for updates to NS2 have been forced to take a back seat to more realistic concerns. I can only hope that Blip Interactive has fared well during this pandemic and will be able to continue supporting this amazing app when the bigger problems in life allow.

  • Man I get what your saying but I’m talking about what was promised before the pandemic even hit. I understand the pandemic more than anyone. 5 years ago one of my oldest kids drowned and died 11 days after her 21st birthday she’s a twin. I have a 5 year old daughter who has febrile seizures, a wife with an immune disease, a mother that was advised by doctors to not even be around anyone with a common cold because she has artificial knees, and my sister is 350lbs with COPD if she gets it she’s as good as dead. I’ve had an auntie, 2 cousins and 3 close friends parents all die from COVID. Jan. 4th my cousin was murdered shot 8 times. In Feb. my friends 24 year old son was murdered shot in the head. Last week my daughter’s, the surviving twin, boyfriend shot himself in the head right in front of her face in her apartment. Two days ago my best friends daughter’s kids where in a house fire where the 10 year old and 3 year old had to jump out of the second story window and the 5 year old was rescued from under the bed. The 10 year old will now be blind because of glass in her eyes and she has a broken pelvis, the 3 year just a broken leg and the 5 year old is in critical condition on a ventilator. All this and I’m a fire fighter that has to be around and in peoples homes, cars and faces the entire time I’m at work whether they are sick, bleeding etc. I got the vaccine to protect the citizens I serve and my family. Some people in my line of work are scared to get the vaccine because technically it’s still in testing stages but there is a law that’s trying to be passed right now saying we will not be considered a “line of duty” death if we get COVID and die without getting the shot. Which means our families wouldn’t receive any benefits for our deaths. I bought this app full price and all of the IAP’s full price as well. Whether anyone likes it or not I still have the right to share my disappointment.... Incase you don’t understand I want this to be my one and only DAW and right now it can’t be so yes I will share my disappointment every now and then for something I wish to happen that was promised until I find out further if it’s going to happen or not. If it isn’t, fine I just want to know so I can place this app where it needs to be as a GROOVEBOX and get the thought of this ever being my go to DAW out of my head. I just feel audio tracks should have been priority over the phone app. After audio tracks were perfected then the phone app could’ve been created making it even more capable for those phone users. As it stands if I was a phone user Nano has no advantage over Cubasis 3 who will remain top dog until someone makes it possible to contend with them with actual start to finish complete songs. Even GarageBand which is still free is more capable on the phone. I pray Matt is doing ok and hasn’t experienced any tragedy during this pandemic as well as anyone reading this also. I pray for the world but, that doesn’t mean we stop living that’s how you get through day by day you live because you have no other choice. People depend on you to live. I pray that your situation clears up that you get abundantly blessed with more income than you had coming in before and that every one you love stays healthy as well. I’ve never been a person to sugar coat how I feel I’m a true friend when everyone else is telling you yes I’ll be the one to point out the no. God bless everyone and be safe

  • I’m sorry to hear about the tragedies in your life.
    I hear you and agree: you do have a right to your opinion. We all do.
    Everyone on this forum wants audio tracks, even if we won’t use them much.

    Some consider NS2 a groovebox because it doesn’t have traditional audio tracks. That is a valid definition. For me NS2 is a dream to work with and I consider it complete enough for my needs. We all have the majority of those other apps. They are all tools which people can use mix & match fashion to find their preferred workflow. I think If other people need to work in GB or other apps for audio then that should be the way forward for them. I don’t speak against it. But no matter what is written in this forum, we can’t change the situation with NS2.

    I commend you for your work as a fire fighter. That is heroic work that involves a lot of self-sacrifice. Just a theoretical question for you: If you spent 6 years fighting fires, and when you were expecting to finally get paid for 6 years of work you suddenly found out you were only going to be paid for a tiny fraction of that time, would you rush back to fighting fires? Would you need to take some time for your family and maybe you own sanity? Then a pandemic hits...
    What do you do?

    You sound as though you are a strong person, having endured a lot in your life. I would just hope that you and others that post on this and other forums would realize that at the end of the day there is a real person who has to take care of a family. Hoped for deadlines...? Those are moveable goal posts and we should not add pressure that can be part of the barrier to making progress. I for one would find it hard to continue working on NS2 after all of the negative posts after initial release. I think positive feed back will get us more positve results. Remember that you get more bees with honey than you do vinegar.

  • @PUMP Did you loose your Enter key?
    I cannot read what you wrote.... not possible

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