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I want to copy an existing Slate kit to a newly created user kit.
I proceed as follows:
1) I create a new kit: Slate tools > Kit > Init, Save
2) I load the kit I want to base my new kit on, and copy it: Slate tools > Kit > Copy
3) I load back to my user kit (by the way, isn't it strange that a double tap is required to load kits in Slate? Wouldn't a single tap be more coherent with the rest of the user interface? or is there a special reason why a double tap is needed?)
4) I try to paste the kit on the user kit: Slate tools > Kit > Paste. A message pops up to ask confirmation to overwrite the current kit. I tap 'Ok'
5) Boom! Slate goes back to the kit I was trying to copy!
6) The user kit I wanted to paste the factory kit on is still empty.

EDIT: I noticed that for factory kits I can simply 'Save' the factory kit and NS2 will allow to save a copy to the User folder, so that's would work with factory kits, though maybe it will overwrite user kits?


  • @silent1

    Hmm, I'm not completely sure I understand what you're doing. Can you explain why you are doing steps 1 and 3?

    If you want to base a kit on an existing kit, you can just load the base kit and save it with a different name after you have made your changes. If you want to copy an unsaved existing kit to another Slate in the same project to avoid saving (and loading) the kit, copy is the best tool for it.

    You will only overwrite existing user kits if you save over them with the same name. You can have unlimited user kits. Factory kits can't be overwritten.

  • I was a bit confused because there is a 'Save' but not a 'Save as' and I didn't want to overwrite an existing kit. Now that I know that NS2 gives you the ability to choose another kit name I will of course use the 'Save' option.
    In my steps, I was trying to use the good old 'copy and paste' paradigm which doesn't appear to work as expected if using only one instance of Slate (e.g. open an existing Slate kit, copy it, open a blank one in the same instance, paste it: this doesn't work apparently).

  • Ah, I see what you mean. But I can't seem to replicate your issue. Copy and paste works as expected on a single Slate for me. I copy Kit A, open Kit B, paste Kit A and it replaces Kit B. The one thing that catches me a lot is that you have to switch the menu to "Kit" every time you do a copy or a paste operation.

    @silent1 said:
    5) Boom! Slate goes back to the kit I was trying to copy!
    6) The user kit I wanted to paste the factory kit on is still empty.

    But on second thought, this seems to be working as intended. Copying and pasting a kit doesn't automatically create a new kit, you aren't copying the pads from one kit to another, you are copying the KIT with edits you have made. It's still the same kit until you save it with another name.

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