Syncing transport and timecode from Cakewalk on PC to Nanostudio 2 on iPad.

Is this even possible ?, searching for a definitive answer for this is making me doubt my sanity.

What I can do is midi sync the aforementioned hardware with Patterning 2 on the iPad, as in push record on Cakewalk, Patterning 2 starts up using the internal clock from Cakewalk and I can record some drum loops.

Now to add some synth loops from Nanostudio 2, preferably starting at the same time and using the same tempo.


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    no, unforunately midi clock / mmc sync is not available in NS yet...

  • Thanks dendy, and dammit, was really enjoying the simplicity of Nano's interface.

  • It won't work with transport stop/start but you should be able to enable LINK in Patterning and Nanostudio to keep everything in sync with cakewalk. That is, MIDI clock from cakewalk->patterning and Link from patterning->NS.

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    Thanks for your answer Will, tried it, but ... enabling Albeton Link in Patterning 2 turns off MIDI clock receive, not that it seemed to be willing to talk to Nanostudio anyway.

    I have adapted however, and I'm now using Cakewalk as the MIDI sequencer, which I believe is going back to it's roots and have managed to input MIDI files from Nano, so all's good.

  • If you mean, “has this been released?” No, it hasn’t.
    If you mean, “Is the developer currently working on this and will it released at some point?” I can’t say.

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