New here new track

Hi all. Nice to meet you. This is my first post here so maybe I should introduce myself. I have been making music for many years. I started out with a soundcard, a synth and Cubase VST. I remember being able to run 2-3 softsynths at the same time, then the cpu was maxed out. Then I gradually bought more studio gear, got better computers and finally got a pretty decent studio. But at the same time something got lost here. Too many options, too often troubleshooting patchbay cables with connectivity issues.
That is why I found Nanostudio to be such a great tool. Soo much functionality built in the same tool. So intuivitive. On the bus, or at home - at any time I felt creative I could get going in a few seconds.
And after a long wait NS2 came along. Even better!
So it feels great to be back, making music again.

Here is an ambient dub tech track I made in NS2 in case anyone is interested:


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