Kids Kits for Slate released - Space Kids video added!

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I have begun to make the NS2 version of my Kids Kits sample set.
The samples in this set are taken from a recording I made with two young children, a little girl (3 years old) and a little boy (5 years old). They were very happy to sing, talk and make funny noises in the microphone. I selected 136 unique one-shot samples from this session and further split some of the longer ones so there are 259 samples in total (23.8 MB).

This set is already available in the following formats: Caustic 2, wave, sfz, Native Instruments Kontakt 3.5 and Battery 3. It sells for $2.99 USD and includes all the formats. The Slate kits will simply be added to the existing formats without any price increase.

It should be ready this week and, if you cannot wait and buy it today, I will send you the NS2 format when it's ready.

Visit this page for more more info and free demo samples (wav):


  • Lol this made me laugh :-D :-D You're a pretty creative man, those kits / packs you are creating are one of most original packs i ever heard :))

  • Hi dendy,
    Thanks for your good words, I appreciate them a lot!

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    NS2 version should be available tomorrow. In the meantime, here's the demo (41 samples in 2 kits):

    Note that you can rename the folder after the file has been opened in NanoStudio 2!

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    Set is released!!
    I don't have a new NS2 specific audio demo yet, but I will try to make one, or a video, as soon as I can.
    More info HERE

    Note that previous buyers of the Kids Kits can email me and, after verification, they will receive the NS2 version for free.

  • Made a new video, this time, I wanted to showcase the Kids Kits with a smoother and quieter feel!

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