Jawharp, electronic percussion and more (16 kits for Slate) - video added!

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The Out There sample set is now available for NanoStudio 2! B)
It sells for $3.99 USD and this includes all the other formats too (wav, sounfdont, sfz, Battery 3 and Kontakt 3).

It has 470 samples (32.6 MB), this small set is quite diverse both in the origin (acoustic and electronic) and the types of sounds included. It is a mix of percussions and SFX one-shot samples and hits, some with velocity layers. Here are the types of sounds included :

  • Acoustic (67 samples): 52 samples of a Snoopy Jaw Harp, 7 samples of 2 different handbells and a few others.

    • FX (147 samples): collection of various electronic SFX that can be further divided in the following categories, Machines and Electricity, Spacy and Others.

    • Perc (25 samples): some electronic percussions.

    • Vel layers (159 samples): mix of electronic percussions/FX with velocity layers.

    • Vocoder (72 samples): short vocal FX made with the MicroKorg.

Please read the PDF doc for more info.

4 demo kits can be installed from here:

Medley in 4 parts:
1 - Mystery: pattern made with Jawharp and 12 Vocoder samples.
2 - Into the Spacebirds Shop: different vibe with Spacebirds, Machines and Vocoder. Dark ambient style.
3 - Electronic Percussions: beat made with some of the electronic sounds.
4 - Honky Funk plus: pattern with various sounds, bass is from Prepared Rhodes sample set.

More details and orders:


  • Video demo:

  • Your stuff is great!

  • @anickt said:
    Your stuff is great!

    Thanks a lot!

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    yeah, you kits are very different, weird and twisted in best possible way :-) geat source of interesting sometimes strange sounds :+1:

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    @dendy, thanks for your very nice comment! That's one of my goals, to create different and interesting sounds.

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