NS2 crash on Model 15 AUv3

So I set model 15 in auv3 on a track and then I wrote some notes into the midi editor. Then I went to the instrument to change some parameters like cutoff and resonance but when I tried to enter the arpegiator panel, it crashed with a continuous sound and enable to open model 15 anymore. Had to shut the app down.


  • enable = was not able, typo sorry.

  • Good to know. It'll be passed duly to Mr Blip.

  • FWIW: first, I could not replicate this crash and I’ve also been using the Model15; I did try a bunch of strategies to replicate, including very fast switching from the MIDI editor to the main panel and arp panel. I did notice the apple spinning wheel (activity monitor) very briefly while the editor window opened but I never saw a message “Loading Model15 Editor...” at any point in the operations. I also tried all of this with NS2 playing as well as static.

    Next, I noticed something that is related to the same “recording MIDI from arpeggiators” issue but with the animoog “metal” keys. Interestingly, you can pull these up too and although they are micro-sized, they still work to generate both note events as well as CCs from sliding your finger up and down the length of the key. Neither the MIDI notes nor the CCs get recorded into NS2; and (bizarrely) you can play both the micro-animoog-keys and the NS2 keyboard at the same time (not that anyone would really try recording that...) Doing this didn’t seem to hurt anything or cause a crash.

  • @Nyanko
    Then I went to the instrument to change some parameters like cutoff and resonance but when I tried to enter the arpegiator panel, it crashed with a continuous sound and enable to open model 15 anymore

    I think this would be good idea to report also on Moog forum (if they have one) together with crash report. Try go to

    iOS Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data

    Locate there file with "Model 15" in name and with datetime approximate when it crashed. Go inside. There is "share" icon on top right, tap icon, sent log to you e-mail and then share it with developer.

    Same method is great when Nanostudio itself crashes (whole all), in this case Matt allways appreciate such crashlog. But this time, because NS itself didn't crashed, just plugin, there will be log (maybe) for that plugin - and this log will be lot more useable for plugin DEV to identify issue than to HOST dev.

  • Thanks, I will pass it on to Moog. I would like to add when playing Model 15 inside NS2 during song play, there were massive crackles even though the CPU usage was around 30%. I guess it has to do with the general core audio issue in iOS.

  • It was steady on 30% even during crackles, no spikes ? Did you try set buffer to "high" ?

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    The problem is, we can't really see if it's steady or not cause the indicator is located on the project panel so we can't check what happens when we actually play an instrument. I tried to get there quickly after playing a few notes and it was still at 30%. It would be nice to have it at all times on the bar above like in Auria.

    I will try to set the buffer to high. I have seen we can set the buffer for model 15 in settings as well so I will try that too tonight and see how it goes.

    Thanks for your help, @dendy.

  • @Nyanko Also what's your iPad / iOS version ? I think read somewhere that some people have such kind of problems with latest iPad PROs ..

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    Exactly. It's the 3e gen ipad pro and I am eagerly waiting for the 12.1.2 update.

  • It seems to be common knowledge that audio on the new iPad Pros is totally screwed. I believe the theory is that these devices have 8 cores, where 4 of them are fast ones (using more battery power) and 4 are slow ones (easier on battery life) and audio is run on the 4 crap ones. This makes sense for media players but makes them useless for CPU intensive music apps. The reports seem to be common across all audio apps so it's looking like an Apple problem. Apparently they're aware of it and a fix is in the pipeline, although no info is forthcoming on a guaranteed date.

    With regards to the Model 15 crash, as far as NS2 is concerned it's no different to any other AU so I suspect this is their problem. I will backtrack on that diagnosis though if it's working perfectly in other hosts!

  • We discussed about it a while ago on the audiobus forum and I agree, it must be something of the sort, crap cpus for music, all musics. I'll report as soon as the update comes out.

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