Keyboard Shortcut Commands.

Just throwing an idea out there. Just purchased a keyboard for my iPad and would love to use it for key commands. Space bar for Play/Stop, R for Record, etc. Could this be something that we could see in the future?


  • +1 - same here; new Logitech slim keyboard/cover for the iPad Pro...

  • Good thinking.

    Matt already mentioned space bar transport control on another thread.

    It’d be great to get a full set of key commands to hop around the place super quick. I realised the other day that it’d be a useful thing to have a dedicated tap tempo button on the keyboard. Not sure if any DAW currently offers this, or if anybody apart from me would benefit but it’s something that I’d use, so I’ll mention it here.

  • Yes on tap-tempo; that would be very cool. I don’t remember where I read it but there was an article about the iPad Pro taking over the traditional laptop for music production, in part due to the Apple Pen’s tiny point (versus my fat fingers) for high acccuracy editing and detailed work. I resisted buying a keyboard because I wanted to “enjoy” the virtual keyboard - in hindsight that was just foolish. So yeah, maybe integration of the keyboard could be the next dimension in iPad music-app development.

  • @toneman said:
    +1 - same here; new Logitech slim keyboard/cover for the iPad Pro...

    This is the exact keyboard that I just purchased. This thing is a MUST for iPad Pro users!!!

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    I'd occasionally use qwerty support as well. I'd prefer for NS to have MIDI mapping for global things like start/stop and then a layer for internal QWERTY->MIDI messages (which could be totally invisible to me as a user wanting to use a QWERTY keyboard for control).

    For now, at least for those things in NS which can be controlled via MIDI messages, QWERTY folks might be interested in Secret Base Design's "Sidecar" app. Their website is messed up so here's a discchord link:

    Note: Because of the way Apple has the OS set up, you need to have it open in the sidebar or split screen. In this case, kind of annoying but probably a good thing(tm) that they don't let apps capture keystrokes while in the background. ;)

    Also, sidebar's sidebar... Loopy implements both full QWERTY support and tap tempo via MIDI or QWERTY. It's a delight. Since both NS and Loopy support LINK, for the short term anyway, it's possible to use Loopy to tap in a tempo which NS will happily pick up on. Similar to Sidecar, Loopy would have to be in the foreground to receive QWERTY tap tempo events. So, yeah, not the butteriest solution but hurrah that it's possible if it's a thing you need now.

  • I've made a note to get Bluetooth keyboards working again. They worked in NS1 - something went missing in the translation!

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    👆🏽 THE MAN!!!

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