straight-up upbeat Synth Pop

edited September 2021 in Creations

Created in NS2, using Auv3 plugins SynthMaster One & 2, Cyclop, Perforator, FAC Bandit, Hammerhead, iSEM, Blackhole, Ravenscroft, Fractal Bits and Yukawa.


  • I am taking a road trip in a few weeks. Gonna add this to my playlist. Great mix (wish my skills in this area were nearly as good) and the whole cruising-down-the-highway-in-a-convertible-with-the-top-down vibe. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you so much @boomer ! One thing that has certainly helped my mixing / finalizing: I put the Auv3 plugin Bark Filter on the Main Mix and dial up the Tripleband preset. That goes a long way towards sorting out frequencies and volumes and then let's me go back and fine tune the other elements in my mix that are either buried or poking out too much.

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