Want a little toast with that jam?

Needed to blow off some steam. This is probably my most unrefined, rough around the edges, raucous and rather self-indulgent track I've done. But also a lot of fun. Auv3 plugins included Ravenscroft, Module Pro, Mela 2, Pure Acid and Drum Computer.


  • @peanut_gallery i enjoyed every single bit of it, you should self indulge more often.D I believe this is one of the best tracks of yours. Great rhythm! Big ups;)

  • Great chops @peanut_gallery !!! If I was in a bar I’d be yelling at you with a beer in the air 🍻

  • What the world needs is more of this kind of self indulgence. Dude you can PLAY! More. Please.

  • Fantastic track! Lots of fun. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Thanks all! @drez, I think I was largely channeling my Open Mic persona (man, it's been over a year since I've done one at my local bar).

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