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velocity editor should be below note editor

. it's a standard (and therefore it's what people is accustomed to)
. editing tools are closer
. you can clearly view notes while editing their velocity (without your hands hiding them)

velocity, like pitch, has 127 possible values and yet editing velocity is harder then editing pitch
i suggest using the same (offset) tool used for pitch editing

. it's bigger
. it's more precise
. it has up/down arrows for single step increments
. it would increase visual consistency

note velocity value (on left panel) should reflect velocity changes in realtime

in song/part editor, when double-tapping a tool (grid, zoom, etc.) there's no need for any pop-up window

in part editor, draw tool should have a double-tap action (e.g. enabling grid repeat)



  • edited December 2020

    why 39% as default pwm for pulse/bipulse waveforms?

    what is ring mod modulation target for osc all, osc1 and osc3 ?

    why using the word "frames" instead of "samples" in grid units?

  • Dear @mentooo, velocity handle is on opposite side from note/pitch handle so that works exactly same and honestly ns2 interface work so well for me that I don’t understand that request about velocity at all? Each note displays its velocity and while you using handle nothing is obstructed from view. Check it out;) I’ll read rest of your post to see if there is anything else I can help\point out or discover myself:D

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