Obsidan patch banks [RELEASED/AVAILABLE]

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Here is result of my sound design work in Obsidian for last 2 years. I really hope you will enjoy it and that you create lot of cool music with it - looking forward to hear your creations !

** Banks are available on GUMROAD ** https://gumroad.com/dendy **

Synthetic Autumn
PURCHASE AT: https://gum.co/gGaCR
Almost entirely (99%) made with just Obsidian oscillators, almost no samples.

PURCHASE AT: https://gum.co/pggmb
Build using Model D multisampled few cycles waveforms.

Digital Analog Oscillations
PURCHASE AT: https://gum.co/nHOHZ
Build mostly with multisampled multiple cycles waveforms from various analog and digital synths.

now thinking to share them.. still not decided if i should be philantropist and give them all free, or i should sell them at least for few € to get back that months of work i invested to them :-) First i would be interested if those are interesting enough for you, if they sounds good and usable for you ... thanks for any kind of feedback, even criticism.


  • I would happily pay - they are excellent 👌

    Just let me know how.

    Actually while we’re talking presets, anyone know if there are any more IAP soundpacks planned?

  • @dendy Take my money!!

  • :heart:


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    Let the creativity flow :) Big Thanks & Best Wishes !

    P.s.: the scrolling through the user preset list seems like strolling through a RPG multitopian village by now ...

  • Great to see these finally released, really hope they sell well!

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    @Stanley_V said:
    P.s.: the scrolling through the user preset list seems like strolling through a RPG multitopian village by now ...

    you can always create subfolders under "User" folder using Apple Files app, to categorize presets - i'm using this hidden NS feature all the time, without that it would be mess :-) .. Just run Apple Files, go to "On my iPad > Nanostudio 2 > Instruments > Obsidian > User" .. create subfolders by taste, move paches to subfolders .. then go do nanostidio Obsidian patch browser, use "Manage > Refresh" - voila .. just remember that when you click main "USER" folder on left side - you see all patches from all subfolders .. if you choose some subfolder, you see just patches in that subfolder .. so it works effectively like filter - if you are in main "User" view and you delete some user patch, then it disappears also from subfolder ...

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    Thanks, @dendy for your explanation!

    (the above and below comments are to be thought of as compliments : )

    As it is with unmapped territory in nanostudioworld exploring, the categories in addition to subfolders are most useful, and the marking is done properly here by you, and, you know, as the description of an item of sound is not always matching with the intended result - the changing of morphology (often un-intended) is what makes yours especially interesting! All sort of musical emotions and phantasies will appear while navigating in the zone, so-to-say ... therefore, the synth-engine and environment Matt built and your artistry as engineer of sounds help me/my mind to better learn/understand it for to immerse deeply in a time/space not only my own and feel connected to another worldworld.

    thanks&have a nice week all

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