Auv3 instruments loading on default

Auv3 instruments loading on default and can’t open some songs 😩 this is very disturbing cause some auv3 sounds were tweaked but not saved πŸ˜”


  • just try identify which AU causes crash (if i correctly understand, NS is crashing during loading of project ?)

    my guesses are Audio Damage plugins or some AudioKIT plugins ??

    if you know which one causes it, just delete plugin, open your project in NS, unselect that instrument, save project without it and then reinstall plugin (or do not reinstall :-))

  • Is the project causing a crash during load? If so, NS2 will 'blacklist' the AU it was attempting to load so it can skip it next time and and you don't end up with unloadable projects. If it's caused be more than one AU then you may have to try reloading that project several times.

    If the AU just hangs the project load, then @dendy's method's the best approach.

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