File import from Music Library crashes NS2 - FIXED

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Hi all,

maybe someone already reported this but I could not find a message here concerning the following behaviour:
Trying to import a file via Settings -> Files -> Manage Audio Files -> ... -> Import -> Music Library crashes NS2 on my iPhone XS running iOS 13.1.3
Can someone else confirm this?

Best wishes,



  • Hello, thanks for report, yeah confirmimg crash, added to fix queue ;)

  • Thanks!
    Keep up the good work.


  • Hi Dendy,
    Do you know when this might be fixed? I would really like to dabble in music samples.


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    Sorry no eta but at least one small update is planned for this year (no promise though, it depends on many factors), if it will happen then this fix will be for sure part of it.. just to be sure i will remember this to matt in next beta round ;)

    for now, my suggestion for workaround would be first import it from music library in AudioShare app and then use "open in nanostudio" from AudioShare...

  • Should be fixed in V2.1.1.

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